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Survey and Mapping Equipment & Supplies      
Contract#:  07812   Replaces: 06906    

The Survey and Mapping Equipment and Supplies contract is designed to help with the following:

• Purchase of total stations, electronic levels, survey grade GPS, mapping grade GPS, electronic data collectors, and associated software, equipment, and supplies necessary for surveying and mapping operations.
• The contract also includes the purchase of high definition scanning equipment.
• This contract award is a replacement for the previous state contract 06906.

Note: WSDOT and other Washington governmental purchasers have a substantial investment in survey equipment manufactured by Trimble, Topcon, and Leica and this Contract is intended to support the purchaser’s current imbedded base of these equipment brands for the purposes of standardization and integration of new equipment with existing equipment.

Ordering Steps:

1. View the Pricing and Ordering guide which has embedded documents for each vendor, then determine which vendor will best fit your needs.
2. Contact the vendor with requests for quotes, product questions, or to place an order. All vendor contact information is located in the Pricing and Ordering Guide.
3. Place an order by issuing a purchase order to the contractor.
4. Be sure to reference contract # 07812 when you contact the vendor so you get pricing consistent with the master contract.

Current Term Start Date: 12-01-2016 Award Date: 12-01-2012 Est. Annual Worth: $5,500,000
Current Term Ends On: 03-31-2019 Final Term Ends On: 11-30-2018 Commodity Code(s): 305-25, 305-42, 305-60, 305-61, 305-78, 305-80, 306-42
Diversity: 0% WBE  0% MBE # of Bids Received: 3
Contact Info: Michellee Jemmott at (360) 407-9300 or
Secondary Contact Info:  Neva Peckham at (360) 407-9411 or
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Information about the number of bids received is included to show:
  • Vendors which contracts would benefit from more competition.
  • Assure our customers that we sought the best overall value through as many competitive bids as possible.