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Contract Summary

Satellite Phone Equipment & Services

Contract #: 02515

The Satellite Phone Equipment and Services Contract is designed to help with the following:

• Satellite phone purchases and annual service plans.
• Satellite phone extras including weather,internet, television streaming, and insurance plans.
• Miscellaneous satellite phone equipment such as auxilliary antenna's, car mounts, protective casings, headsets, and chargers.

Please Note: This Master Contract was for Iridium Service Plans and Equipment only. DES has completed its contract determination for the rebid of the Satellite Phone Equipment and Services Contract 02515. Due to its low usage and customer demand. DES will be allowing this contract to expire on October 1, 2021.
Further questions regarding this determination may be directed to Stacia Wasmundt stacia.wasmundt@des.wa.gov or 360 407-8179.

Ordering Steps:

1. View the Ordering and Pricing and determine which product and service best fit your needs.
2. Contact the vendor with requests for quotes, product questions, or to place an order. All vendor contact information is located in the Contact Information.
3. Place an order by issuing a purchase order to the contractor. It should include an itemization of the goods/services purchase, and contain the authorized signatures of both parties.
4. Be sure to reference contract # 02515 when you contact the vendor so you get pricing consistent with the master contract.

Effective Date: 10-02-2015
Est. Annual Worth: $69,682
Current Term Ends On: 10-01-2021
Final Term Ends On: 10-01-2021
Commodity Code(s): 804-10, 939-76, 839-74, 838-81
Diversity: 0% WBE 0% MBE
# of Bids Received: 4

Contact Info:
Stacia Wasmundt
(360) 407-8179

Secondary Contact Info:
Kim Kirkland
(360) 407-9207

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