Project Details

Contract Number: 20-419  
Description:   LV-Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade Phase 3 - Bid Pack 2
Agency:   Department of Social and Health Services
Bid Date & Time: 01/12/2023 3:00 PM Bid City and Location:
1500 Jefferson St. SE, Olympia, WA 98501
Project Manager: A/E Firm: 
Celeste Breaux
Phone:  (509) 220-0385
NAC Architecture
Firm Contact:  Bill Rash
Phone:  (509) 838-8240

Consultant's Estimate: 
Bidding FirmBase BidAlternatesBid SecurityAddenda RcvdForm A RcvdForm A On-TimeForm B RcvdForm B On-Time
Power City Electric Contractors
Spokane WA
$318,730.00(1) $63,585.00
BOND1,2,3,4N/A N/AN/A
Colvico, Inc.
Spokane WA
$319,020.00(1) $94,550.00
BOND1,2,3,4N/A N/AN/A
Arc Electric & Lighting Corp.
Spokane WA
$368,445.00(1) $121,478.00
BOND1,2,3,4N/A N/AN/A
Triumph Electric
Spokane WA
$387,180.00(1) $91,396.00