Project Details

Contract Number: 22-159  
Description:   Site Accessibility and Safety
Agency:   Seatte Central College
Bid Date & Time: 03/14/2023 3:00 PM Bid City and Location:
1500 Jefferson Street SE, Olympia, WA 98501 bid box inside lobby
Project Manager: A/E Firm: 
Jeremy Orenstein
Phone:  (360) 280-7526
Schreiber Starling Whitehead Architects
Firm Contact:  Stephen Starling
Phone:  (206) 755-3553

Consultant's Estimate: $304,304.00
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Harkness Construction
Enumclaw WA
$246,500.00 BOND1,2N/A N/AN/A
Line & Grade Construction
Marysville WA
$332,974.21 BOND1,2N/A N/AN/A