Requesting an event

Events: While DES is accepting applications for consideration, DES is not currently issuing event permits in compliance with the status on allowed gatherings in the phased reopening plan for Washington State as well as the need for new health and safety protocols for the campus. This permit application will earmark the requested date, time and location(s) for your activity date but does not guarantee approval. DES is closely monitoring the situation and at this time do not have enough information to predict when DES will begin regularly issuing event permits.

Displays: DES will begin permitting displays on the Capitol Campus on Dec. 1, 2020. All permitted displays must follow display policy guidelines. Please note, in compliance with Washington Safe Start Plan; gatherings, events, and activities associated with any display are prohibited.

Banners: DES is not issuing permits for banners on the Capitol Way pedestrian bridge due to coronavirus-related employee safety considerations

Please Note: The information you submit on your event application becomes a public record. DES will disclose this information as follows:

  1. Upon event permit approval, DES will post information you submit in your permit application the Campus Events Calendar .
  2. DES will provide any additional records related to your event in response to a public records request.
Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.
* Type of Activity: 

Fees are required for services provided by the Department of Enterprise Services for all activity types. Please view our fee schedule page. The event coordinator will contact you regarding the application processing fee and the method of payment.

State government activities have first priority for the use of the Capitol buildings and grounds.  If no conflict with state government activities exists, we will process permit applications for other uses on a first-come, first-served basis.

Only complete applications will be accepted. Submitting an application does not mean your activity is approved.
Important to know:
  • We recommend you submit requests as soon as possible, up to one year in advance of your requested event date.
  • Government activities receive first priority for space use, and may be submitted more than one year in advance—a government designation means an activity that is by and for the conduct of state government business.
  • Once your application is approved, your event title, event start time and sponsor will appear on an automatically generated public calendar – so accuracy in the application is important.
  • Please do not advertise your activity until you are issued a permit.
  • Buses may not park on the Capitol Campus.
  • Call the campus event line if you have questions (360) 902-8881