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Physical Address:
DES Contracts & Procurement
1500 Jefferson St SE
Olympia, WA 98501

Mailing Address:
DES Contracts & Procurement
PO Box 41411
Olympia, WA 98504-1411

Corinna Cooper
Enterprise Procurement Manager
(360) 407-9420

Program Email Phone #
Master Contracts contractingandpurchasing@des.wa.gov (360) 407-2210
Master Contracts Usage Agreement MCUA@des.wa.gov (360) 407-2210
Business Development Outreach jaime.rossman@des.wa.gov (360) 407-9329
Enterprise Procurement Policy
  • Sole Source Contracts
  • Procurement Risk Assessment
  • Statewide Procurement Policy
(360) 407-9398
(360) 407-7915
Procurement Training DESmiContractTraining@des.wa.gov (360) 407-9015
Public Disclosure Requests harold.goldes@des.wa.gov (360) 407-8768
Policy and Rules jack.zeigler@des.wa.gov (360) 407-9209
Surplus surplusmail@des.wa.gov (360) 407-1900
Warehouse and Transportation TransportServices@des.wa.gov (360) 407-1917
Washington's Electronic Business Solution (WEBS) webscustomerservice@des.wa.gov (360) 902-7400

Contacts by goods and services
Commodity Name Email Phone #
   - Team A
Procurement Supervisor Vacant ( ) -
Correctional Industries, HVAC, Furniture Team A descprmofficeoperations@des.wa.gov (360) 407-2212
HVAC Parts, Commmercial Food Service Equip, Student Transportation, Household Appliances, Vehicle Rental, Food Service Team A descprmofficeoperations@des.wa.gov (360) 407-2212
Mattresses, CI Umbrella, Furniture, Add-on Furniture, Warehouse Boxes Shipping and Storage Team A descprmofficeoperations@des.wa.gov (360) 407-2212
   - Team C
Procurement Supervisor Chad Irwin chad.irwin@des.wa.gov (360) 407-9368
Contract Specialist Lana GunaratneGraham lana.gunaratne-graham@des.wa.gov (360) 407-9360
Medical/Dental Equipment & Supplies, Pharmaceuticals, Eye Glasses, Drug Testing, Lab Equipment, Breast Pumps, Infant Formula, Oxygen Rentals and Condoms Diane White diane.white@des.wa.gov (360) 407-9366
Contracts Specialist Austin Diaz-Munoz Austin.Diaz-Munoz@des.wa.gov (360) 407-7971
Vehicle Emission Testing Chad Irwin chad.irwin@des.wa.gov (360) 407-9368
Fuel Tanks and Equipment, Marine/Vessels, Asphalt, Trailers, Generators, Warehouse Equipment/Power Distribution Equipment, Weigh in Motion& Vehicle ID Systems, Marine Gyro Maintenance and Repair, Marine Radar equipment and Maintenance and Repair, Derelict Vessel Removal & Disposal, Tractors, Heavy Equipment Rentals Corey Larson corey.larson@des.wa.gov (360) 407-9407
Emergency Response (hazardous materials and vessels), Derelict Vessels, Plumbing Repair Parts, Lawn & Grounds Equipment, Weather Forecasting, Analytical Laboratory Services, Native Plants, Sign Support Materials, Reflective Sheeting, Retro-Reflective Materials, Sign Blanks, Variable Message Boards Team C (360) 407-2212
Janitorial Monya Tabor monya.tabor@des.wa.gov (360) 407-8033
Air Travel Services, Language Access Backup, Street Flushers, Annual Fuel Station Inspection Services, Front Loaders, Towing Services, Trailers, Vehicle Glass Repair/Replacement, In-Vehicle Video Surveillance, Portable Roadway Signs and Stands, Guardrails-Terminals, Cable and Components Sean Hoffert sean.hoffert@des.wa.gov (360) 407-8016
Contracts Assistant Donna Caliri donna.caliri@des.wa.gov (360) 407-2232
   - Team D
Procurement Supervisor Corinna Cooper corinna.cooper@des.wa.gov (360) 407-9420
Procurement Supervisor Alex Kenesson alexander.kenesson@des.wa.gov (360) 407-8105
Office Supplies, Mail Services, NASPO Digital Print and Copy, NASPO Mail Postage Machines, Ink and Toner Breann Aggers breann.aggers@des.wa.gov (360) 407-9416
Contract Specialist Danny Pratt danny.pratt@des.wa.gov (360) 407-8135
Plumbing Repair Parts, Facilities MRO, Fire Detection & Suppression, Doors/Frames & Hardware, Fencing Materials, Electrical Supplies, Plumbing Supplies, Modular Polymer Belts/Screens, Playground Equipment, Solvent Traffic Paint, Portable Roadway Signs, Walk-In Building Supplies Leslie Edwards leslie.edwards@des.wa.gov (360) 407-8416
Custom Stamps, NASPO Small Package Delivery, Flooring Materials and Services, NASPO Ink and Toner, Office Supplies and Paper, Conveyance Maintenance and Repair Clayton Long clayton.long@des.wa.gov (360) 407-8508
Contracts Specialist David Mgebroff david.mgebroff@des.wa.gov (360) 407-8049
Plumbing Repair Parts, Facilities MRO, Fire Detection & Suppression, Doors/Frames & Hardware, Fencing Materials, Electrical Supplies, Plumbing Supplies, Modular Polymer Belts/Screens, Playground Equipment, Solvent Traffic Paint, Portable Roadway Signs, Walk-In Building Supplies Team D descprmenvironprotec@des.wa.gov (360) 407-2215
Air Tasers & Incapacitation Devices, Less than Lethal Munitions, Radar/Lidar Parts and Equipment, CBRN Mask & Protective Clothing, Emergency Standby Services, Triploid Trout, Test Charter Fishing, Industrial Absorbents & Absorbents, Impact Attenuators, Highway Flares, Raised Pavement Markers, Derelict Vessels Richard Worthy richard.worthy@des.wa.gov (360) 407-7932
Contracts Specialist Keegan Barnes keegan.barnes@des.wa.gov (360) 407-7972
  Information Technology Contracts - Team G
Procurement Supervisor Kim Kirkland kim.kirkland@des.wa.gov (360) 407-9207
Mobile Phones, Satellite Phone Equipment & Services, Wireless Pooled Minutes, Broadband, Public Safety Body Cameras, Dashboard Cameras and Video Storage and Management Marci Disken marci.disken@des.wa.gov (360) 407-9405
InformationTechnology Professional Services (ITPS), Offsite Media Storage Vault Services, Toll Free Calling/Support Services, Communication Tower Engineering Analysis Services, Data Breach-Credit Monitoring Michellee Jemmott michellee.jemmott@des.wa.gov (360) 407-9300
Survey and Mapping Equipment & Supplies, Public Safety Communication Equipment, Electronic Monitoring of Offenders, Public Safety Communications Support Equipment, Radio Frequency Identification Solutions Neva Peckham neva.peckham@des.wa.gov (360) 407-9411
Security Management, Digital Communications Bart Potter bart.potter@des.wa.gov (360) 407-9431
IT Contract Liaison Elena McGrew elena.mcgrew@des.wa.gov (360) 407-7957
Various Cab & Chassis, Impact Attenuators, Street Light and Poles, Sign Sheeting, Manlifts, Culverts, Dump Bodies, Front Loaders, Catch Basin Cleaners, Herbicide Mark Roush mark.roush@des.wa.gov (360) 407-9311
Non-IT Professional Services, Purchase Card, Process Server, Online Auction Services, Debt Collection Roni Field veronica.field@des.wa.gov (360) 407-7949
Software VAR, SAS License, Enterprise Content Management, ESRI Software MPA, Data Communications, Data Center Applications, Storage Networking, Networking Software, Switches, Routers, Networking Optimization/Acceleration, Wireless, Optical Networking, Unified Communications (Audiovisual Conferencing Equipment and Telephone Systems), Cloud Storage and Services, Mobile Computing Solutions, IT Research Mike Dombrowsky mike.dombrowsky@des.wa.gov (360) 407-8717
IT Contract Liaison Cindy Zielinski cindy.zielinski@des.wa.gov (360) 407-8256
IT Cabling Kelli Carmony kelli.carmony@des.wa.gov (360) 407-8160
Computer Equipment Joy Kuhlmann joy.kuhlmann@des.wa.gov (360) 407-8528
InformationTechnology Professional Services (ITPS) Marquita Price marquita.price@des.wa.gov (360) 407-9370
Contracts Assistant Kayla Rodriguez kayla.rodriguez@des.wa.gov (360) 407-8191
  Resource Center - Team I
Customer Service Specialist Christopher Scott christopher.scott@des.wa.gov (360) 407-9397
Customer Service Specialist Joe Norwood joe.norwood@des.wa.gov (360) 407-8255

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