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Medical Product (MMCAP)

Contract #: 04212
Replaces: 03804

Please note: This is an MMCAP contract. MMCAP is a cooperative administered by the State of Minnesota that combines the purchasing power of 47 states to receive volume discounts on pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, vaccines, etc. All Washington parties to the Master Contract Usage Agreement (https://des.wa.gov/services/contracting-purchasing/purchasing/master-contracts-usage-agreement) are eligible to become an MMCAP member. Please contact diane.white@des.wa.gov for an application.

PHARMACEUTICALS, HOSPITAL & MEDICAL SUPPLIES, INSTRUMENTS (Vendors on this contract are authorized vendors for the State of Washington).

****Medical gloves are excluded from this contract. Washington state agencies must use state contract 05311 for the purchase of medical grade exam gloves.

Effective Date: 07-01-2017
Est. Annual Worth: $1,709,602
Current Term Ends On: 02-28-2019
Final Term Ends On: 02-28-2019
Commodity Code(s): 260-20, 271-04, 271-08, 271-10, 271-12, 271-14, 271-16, 271-18, 271-19, 271-21, 271-24, 271-26, 271-27, 271-28, 271-29, 271-30, 271-32, 271-34
Diversity: 0% WBE 0% MBE
# of Bids Received:

Contact Info:
Diane White
(360) 407-9366

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