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Contract Summary

Offsite data storage services

Contract #: 01116
Replaces: 05612

The media storage solution contract is designed to help with the following:

• Off-site media storage and vault service.
• Storage of tapes and related emergency backup materials in remote locations.
• Disaster recovery data solutions.
• Pick up and delivery service, including container rental and all aspects of the storage process.

Ordering Steps for the Offsite Data Storage Services Contract:

1. For ordering, pricing, or vendor customer service use the Pricing & Ordering Guide.
2. To place an order, ask product questions or discuss pricing contact Stephen Jepson. Office: 610-495-3559

Current Term Start Date: 06-21-2018
Award Date: 06-20-2016
Est. Annual Worth: $500,000
Current Term Ends On: 06-20-2022
Final Term Ends On: 06-20-2022
Commodity Code(s): 958-82, 990-28
Diversity: 0% WBE 0% MBE
# of Bids Received: 1

Contact Info:
Marquita Price
(360) 407-9370

Secondary Contact Info:
Kelli Carmony
(360) 407-8160

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