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Mail Services
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Contract #: 01214
Replaces: 08699

Contract Scope

The services listed here are for informational purposes only for Statewide Contract Users. In accordance with RCW 43.19.710-720, Mail Services are provided by Consolidated Mail Services (CMS), within the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services. As such, this is not a competitively bid contract, and the state does not seek bidders or external vendors for mailing services at this time.

Restrictions: State Agencies must use Contract 01214 for services listed within the 98504 zip code area or successor zip code areas for agencies in the Olympia, Tumwater, and Lacey area. Other Purchasers may also use CMS's services through this contract, however it is not required.

Services Available

CMS provides outgoing mail services at generally lower rates than those offered through the US Postal Service. Additionally, these services are also available through CMS:

Inserting, Document Preparation, and Special Services
• Inserting with track and trace capabilities
• Folding
• Ink jet addressing
• Bursting and trimming
• Labeling
• Tabbing
• Supply ordering and warehousing of envelopes and inserts
• QC processes
• Last minute pulls

• Consulting services providing assistance with Postal Service regulations and mailroom security
• Postage accountability
• Customer service department to assist with all ranges of customer inquiries

Interagency Mail
• Sorting and delivery of interagency mail to your designated location
• Pickup and delivery of outbound interagency mail
• Tracking capability

Incoming Mail
• Sorting and delivery of incoming mail from the United States Postal Service
• Includes tracking of accountable mail such as Certified and USPS Express
• X-ray scanning of all incoming mail from the United States Postal Service

Outgoing Mail
• United States Postal Service, FedEx, SmartMail
• Metering
• Presorting for postage discounts
• Extra USPS services – Certified, Registered, Express, Priority, Insured, etc.
• Electronic Return Receipt (ERR)
• International
• Package services

How to Use this Contract

1. Contact the Consolidated Mail Services directly using the information below to consult about their products and services.
2. Reference DES Contract No. 01214 on your Purchase Order.
3. Contact the Contract Administrator listed below with any further questions.

Contact Information for Consolidated Mail Services (CMS)

Customer Service Email:
Telephone: 360-586-0457
Website: DES Consolidated Mail Services & Printing Website.

Effective Date: 07-01-2014
Est. Annual Worth: $6,245,722
Current Term Ends On: 07-01-2023
Final Term Ends On: 07-01-2023
Commodity Code(s): 9730, 9705, 915-28, 915-57, 915-58
Diversity: 0% WBE 0% MBE
# of Bids Received:

Contact Info:
Marilyn First
(360) 407-9341

Secondary Contact Info:
Team Cedar
(360) 407-2215

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