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Correctional Industries WSDOT Ferries Uniforms
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Contract #: 01218
Replaces: 08013
Contract Type: MANDATORY

Class II Inmate Work program operated by DOC in fulfillment of RCW 39.26.251. Mandatory supply contract for the custom manufacture of WSDOT Ferries program uniforms by Correctional Industries.

Contract Terminated: This contract was mutually terminated effective July, 1, 2022, as Correctional Industries is no longer serving this segment. If you have any questions, please contact the Contract Specialist in the contract information section below.

Effective Date: 04-01-2018
Est. Annual Worth: $150,000
Current Term Ends On: 03-31-2024
Final Term Ends On: 03-31-2024
Commodity Code(s): 200-85, 200-86, 200-87, 200-88, 201-30, 201-37
Diversity: 0% WBE 0% MBE
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Contact Info:
Marilyn First
(360) 407-9341

Secondary Contact Info:
Team Cedar
(360) 407-2215

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