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Light to Medium Duty Transit Buses

Contract #: 04115
Replaces: 06209

Contract provides: Light and Medium Duty Cutaway Transit Vehicles meeting federal requirements with capacity ranging from 9 to 35 passengers. The resulting contract will be used for the purchase of municipal transit busses, cutaway busses, and special needs busses. It may be also be used by agencies with coach needs.
It is not intended for use for the purchase of school busses. All school busses for the transportation of children will be purchased through the ongoing contracting efforts of The Office of The Superintendent of Public Instruction.

DES MANAGEMENT FEE of .74% exists on this contract.

Current Term Start Date: 07-11-2017
Award Date: 07-01-2016
Est. Annual Worth: $200,000,000
Current Term Ends On: 06-30-2020
Final Term Ends On: 07-11-2021
Commodity Code(s): 556-10, 556-15, 556-20, 556-40, 556-50, 556-60, 557-44, 557-60, 557-80, 928-24, 928-76, 962-16, 962-17
Diversity: 0% WBE 0% MBE
# of Bids Received: 4

Contact Info:
Bus Purchase
(360) 407-2215

Secondary Contact Info:
David Mgebroff
(360) 407-8049

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