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Contract Summary

Executive Recruitment Consulting Services
This contract is Two-Tiered

Contract #: 05714
Replaces: 32010

Two-tier contract for Executive Recruitment Consulting Services. Executive recruitment is a service used to identify and recruit qualified candidates for executive management or other highly specialized positions in organizations.

Executive recruitment professionals may be involved throughout the hiring process including, but not limited to, developing recruitment announcements, resume review, selection of pre-qualified candidates, establishing interview questionnaires, participating in interviews, review of candidate interviews, performing reference and background checks, and final selection for employment and any other services requires to complete a recruitment project.

Where applicable, Vendor may be asked to work with Customer’s human resource staff to set salaries within the position’s pre-approved (by State Human Resources, Office of Financial Management) salary bands.

Service Requirements
Vendors may be asked to perform some, or all, of the services described below:
• Initial Consultations
• Agency Familiarization
• Selection From Pre-Qualified Candidates (if applicable)
• Advertising/Marketing
• Candidate Selection
• Interview Preparation
• Interview Participation
• Post-Interview Assessment
• Employment Offer
Progress Reports
Metrics Tracking
• Number & Duration of Recruitment efforts
• Type & degree of efforts to locate candidates
• Number of total applicants
• Number of applicants interviewed
• Quality of candidates
• Number of job offers made
• Types of incentives offered by employing organization
• Time to hire

Additional details on these services can be found in the Solicitation Documents and each Vendor's contract & amendments page.

***What are 2-Tier Contracts?***
DES manages multiple 2-Tier Contracts for non-IT professional services. These non-IT 2-Tier Contracts work like this:
• Tier 1: General (wide) category scope procurement is posted and completed by Enterprise Services to Pre-Qualify Bidders with in a category (example Facilitators & Facilitation Services, Organizational Development)
• Tier 2: Detailed (specific) scope project procurement posted and completed by the Purchaser to award work to one (1) or more Pre-Qualified Bidders/Contractors as established in Tier 1.

***2nd Tier Process***
When it comes to the Tier 2 process, purchasers have 2 options, depending on the size of the project. It is important to follow the process outlined below to ensure that competition is happening as required by RCW 39.26.

Option 1: Rapid Selection – For small projects under $30,000 (excluding sales tax) or $40,000 (excluding sales tax) if the purchase is being made from a microbusiness, minibusiness or small business as defined by RCW 39.26.010, Purchasers can complete a Rapid Selection Award (no competition required). You can also find more information by reviewing Policy # DES-125-03.
Option 2: Tier 2 Solicitation– For larger projects (over the $30k & $40k ceilings explained in Option 1) purchasers must complete a Tier 2 Solicitation. Details on the 2nd Tier solicitation can be found in the Tier 2 Handbook (under the "Resources" drop-down list below).

Current Term Start Date: 07-15-2015
Award Date: 07-15-2015
Est. Annual Worth: $60,084
Current Term Ends On: 07-15-2021
Final Term Ends On: 07-15-2021
Commodity Code(s): 918-85, 958-74, 961-71
Diversity: 0% WBE 0% MBE
# of Bids Received: 14

Contact Info:
Clayton Long
(360) 407-8508

Secondary Contact Info:
Team D
(360) 407-2215

Who Can Use This Contract?

  • Rates & Points of Contact
  • Specifications
  • Aptude, Inc.- Bid Info, Contract & Amd
  • Capability Staffing - Bid Info, Contract & Amd
  • CBiz Benefits & Ins - Bid Info, Contract & Amd
  • Chameleon Tech, Inc. - Bid Info, Contract & Amd
  • Comp Consultants Int'l - Bid Info, Contract & Amd
  • CPS HR Consulting - Bid Info Contract & Amd
  • Elyon Enterprise Strat - Bid Info, Contract & Amd
  • Express Personnel Serv. - Bid Info, Contract & Amd
  • I-3 Global - Bid Info, Contract & Amd
  • iCore HR - Bid Info, Contract & Amd
  • Isaacson, Miller - Bid Info, Contract & Amd
  • Karras Consulting, Inc. - Bid Info, Contract & Amd
  • Reffett Associates, LTD - Bid info, Contract & Amd
  • RPA, Inc. - Bid Info, Contract & Amd
  • West Sound Workforce - Bid Info, Contract & Amd
  • Solicitation Documents
  • Bid Tab
  • Memo to File
  • Tier 2 Handbook

Vendor Vendor # Authorized Fulfillment Partners OMWBE Veteran Small Business
CHAMELEON TECHNOLOGIES, INC. W12125 W Small Business Contract
I-3 GLOBAL W55148 Small Business Contract
KARRAS CONSULTING, INC. W19174 Veteran Owned Business Contract Small Business Contract
MBSQUARED INC W11773 W Small Business Contract
REFFETT ASSOCIATES, LTD. W44244 Veteran Owned Business Contract Small Business Contract
RPA INC. W7970

  • M = OMWBE Certified Minority Owned |
  • W = OMWBE Certified Women Owned |
  • MW = OMWBE Certified Minority Women Owned

Veteran Owned Contract Icon = Veteran Owned
Small Business Contract Icon = Small Business

Two Tier Contract:
A Two-Tier Contract is a prequalified bidder pool arranged in specific categories. The first tier creates the pool of qualified vendors. The second tier is a competition that includes a specific Statement of Work, final vendor selection, and contract.

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