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Computer Equipment

Contract #: 06112
Contract Type: COOPERATIVE

Contract closure completed for contract # 06112 this contract is closed for any contractual action
IBM and Oracle's PA expired as of 9/30/2015
Contract completion procedures ongoing to close this contract as of February 29, 2016. All actions after this date will not longer be available.
Amendment to add reseller to Xiotech PA 6/11/2015
All PA's extended to September 30, 2015, PA's for the new contracts are pending completion
All PA's have been extended to September 30, 2015 with the PA for Toshiba pending return
PA extensions are in the process pending signatures
WSCA Computer Equipment participating agreements to be extended to 30 September 2015
WSCA lead state Minnesota continues to award Master Pricing Agreements for new contract, WA. PA's to be issued upon completion of Master Pricing agreements.
Amendment to extend contract to 12/31/2014 pending signatures.
Extension amendment completed for all contract holders. Contracts extended to Dec. 31,2014

Effective Date: 08-30-2012
Est. Annual Worth: $80,545,529
Current Term Ends On: 12-31-2015
Final Term Ends On: 02-29-2016
Commodity Code(s): 204-10, 204-35, 204-54, 204-55, 204-91, 205-91, 206-87, 207-20
Diversity: 0% WBE 0% MBE
# of Bids Received:

Contact Info:
Mike Dombrowsky
(360) 407-8717

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