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Mediation Services
This contract is Two-Tiered
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Contract #: 06313

06313 Mediation Services is a two-tiered contract. The first tier includes a Rapid Selection List of mediators (see page 12 of the Pricing & Ordering Information link below), which gives Purchasers the ability to select among several mediators by county. Mediators in the Rapid Selection List are ranked by price only. Pricing among mediators is highly variable and may but not necessarily reflect experience, willingness to travel, etc. Purchasers are strongly encouraged to review mediators' CVs/Resumes and interview mediators prior to selection to determine best fit, which may encompass more than just price. CVs/Resumes and contact information for each mediator are found in the Pricing & Ordering Information link below.

The second tier must be selected by a Purchaser when the cost of the mediation is expected to exceed $10,000. Additionally, Purchasers may engage a second tier procurement if the Purchaser wishes to solicit further competition among the mediators on the contract’s roster by price and/or expertise. In a second tier procurement, Purchasers are in effect running their own procurement among mediators presently on contract.

As a practical matter, Purchasers are encouraged to look at the tier one Rapid Selection List as (1) it is highly unlikely the cost of the mediation will exceed $10,000; and (2) pricing in the tier one Rapid Selection List was already competitively solicited.

Effective Date: 10-01-2013
Est. Annual Worth: $1,125
Current Term Ends On: 09-30-2015
Final Term Ends On: 09-30-2019
Commodity Code(s):
Diversity: 0% WBE 0% MBE
# of Bids Received: 17

Contact Info:
Grace Chose
(360) 407-

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