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Managed Print Services

Contract #: 00215
Replaces: 02012
Contract Type: COOPERATIVE

The state of New Mexico, on behalf of the NASPO ValuePoint (formally WSCA) is adminstering a contract for managing print services. When making a provider selection, end users are NOT required to complete a formal procurement, and may make informal selections of providers or resellers. This contract is NOT for leasing, renting or purchasing equipment. Contractors may place equipment and will cover their cost of the equipment through the monthly click charge and the Managed Print Services through the Managed Print Services Base Monthly Charge. No other contract will be utlized to place equipment as part of Managed Print Services, and no lease payment is allowed.

DES has awarded 4 contractors with participating addenda.
-Please see the "Pricing & Ordering" link for information on diversity status of Authorized Resellers.

Effective Date: 09-01-2015
Est. Annual Worth: $7,326,642
Current Term Ends On: 04-30-2020
Final Term Ends On: 06-30-2020
Commodity Code(s): 204-74, 204-77, 204-78, 204-79, 204-80, 204-82, 205-74, 205-76, 205-77, 205-78, 205-79, 205-80, 205-82, 206-70, 206-72, 206-73, 206-74, 206-75, 206-77, 206-78, 600-72, 984-60
Diversity: 0% WBE 0% MBE
# of Bids Received: 9

Contact Info:
Breann Aggers
(360) 407-9416

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