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IT Cabling
Executive Order 18-03

Contract #: 05620
Replaces: 00918

Scope: Information technology (IT) cabling goods and services for new and previously installed Local Area Networks (LANs) and Wide Area Networks (WANs) and other voice, data, or video systems. IT cabling is defined as including outside aerial and underground cables and inside riser, distribution, and station cabling. Copper twisted pair, coaxial cable and fiber-optic cables and other types of low-voltage signaling cables installed within buildings or campus environments also are included in the scope of this Competitive Solicitation.

Category 1 – Services and Installation:
Category 1 includes Inside and Outside work and all parts and materials required to complete the service and installation in six regions of the state: North Puget Sound, Olympic, Southwest, South Central, Eastern, and North Central. Category 1 is awarded and effective 11.12.21.

Category 2 – Fiber Optic, Copper Cable, & Related Equipment:
Category 2 is for the purchase of Cabling and Network Physical Infrastructure Products. Category 2 does NOT include Service and Installation. Category 2 is awarded and effective 6.12.22.

Category 1: Services and Installation
Regions of Washington
Description: Category 1 provides purchasers access to IT cabling services and installation vendors in two subcategories (Inside work and Outside work) in six regions of the state: North Puget Sound, Olympic, Southwest, South Central, Eastern, and North Central. Contract vendors were identified through a competitive solicitation in 2021.
Inside work includes IT cabling installations in new buildings, major renovated buildings, and additions to existing cabling networks.
Outside work is for inter-building connectivity, which might include digging and trenching as well as installing cabling. This category includes outside aerial and underground cables and inside riser, distribution, and station cabling.

There is no need for customers to generate further competition in selecting vendors for their IT cabling service and installation projects. Competitive requirements in Washington state law have been met with the initial solicitation 05620 (in the “Historical Documents” menu below). Customers may select any vendor awarded in their region, by direct-hire, through email quotes from as few or many vendors as they choose, or by reviewing the lowest responsive, responsible bidder in the bid tab (in the “Historical Documents” menu below). Customers are not restricted in reaching out to potential vendors or discussing project details as they might be in a competitive process.

Awarded Vendors: Cannon Construction, LLC • Cochran Inc. • CTS • E-Z Interface • INSI • Integrated Technologies Group • Integrity Networks • Interwest Communications • Interwest Technology Systems • Leverage Information Systems• LoVolt Communications, Inc. • Milne Electric • Paramount Communications Inc.• PowerCom Inc. • Presidio Networked Solutions Group, LLC, and Teknon Infrastructure Services, LLC.

How to Use This Contract:
Category 1:
1. View Pricing and Ordering pages, with a list of available vendors by region:
North Puget Sound Region (Pierce, King, Snohomish, Skagit, Whatcom, Island counties)
Olympic Region (Kitsap, Clallam, Jefferson, Grays Harbor, Mason counties)
Southwest Region (Thurston, Pacific, Wahkiakum, Cowlitz, Clark, Skamania, Lewis counties)
South Central Region (Yakima, Klickitat, Benton, Franklin, Walla Walla, Columbia, Garfield, Asotin counties)
Eastern Region (Ferry, Stevens, Pend Oreille, Lincoln, Spokane, Adams, Whitman counties)
North Central Region (Okanogan, Chelan, Douglas, Kittitas, Grant counties).
2. If needed, view the bid tab to identify the “lowest responsive, responsible bidder” for each region (in the “Historical Documents” dropdown menu below).
3. If needed, view the contract for each vendor in the “Current Documents” dropdown menu below.
4. Please note the following important pricing information.
  • Labor: All prices for labor categories subject to prevailing wage are structured in a “PW +%” structure. This is defined as “prevailing wage plus percentage markup.” For jobs covered by prevailing wage, vendors offer pricing expressed as a markup over prevailing wage. L&I updates the prevailing-wage tables on Aug. 1 and Feb. 1, making the base automatically adjustable as PW rates rise. All prevailing wage labor categories are for journey-level workers.
  • Parts and Materials: Parts and Materials are priced in a cost + % markup structure. Vendors need to structure their quotes and invoices in this way to verify contract pricing. Contractors must share suppliers' invoices upon request by Purchasers. Percentage markup includes shipping, configuration, kitting, processing, warehousing, and other costs of acquisition or delivery of the parts, supplies, and materials.
  • Travel: Mileage for each region (in company vehicles or employee-owned vehicles) is factored into the labor pricing for each labor category.
  • Other Charges: Costs of permits and performance bonds, as the purchaser may require, will appear on quotes or invoices at cost with no markup. Equipment rented for a specific advertised job must appear on a quote for the purchaser as a separate line item at cost.Owned equipment and tools that are used on an IT Cabling- Outside Work project can be billed at a rate that does NOT exceed the most recent FEMA Schedule of Equipment Rates (2019 Schedule at time of posting). This is intended for equipment used in Outside Work (trenchers, asphalt paver, concrete mixer, etc.) Standard equipment and tools used for IT Cabling projects (inside and outside work) are NOT allowed as separate line items.

    Category 2: Fiber Optic, Copper Cable & Related Equipment

    Description: Category 2 provides purchasers access to Fiber Optic, Copper Cable, and Related Equipment necessary for Cabling and IT network physical infrastructure products. Category 2 does NOT include Service and Installation. This category is statewide, meaning that awarded contractors can provide IT Cabling Goods for all regions of Washington State. Items available on this Master Contract include all items available from the contractor’s hosted catalog that meet Performance Requirements from Exhibit A and fall into Categories as listed in Exhibit B of their Master Contract.

    Goods and Services include:
    • Fiber cables • Outdoor (OSP Fiber) • Indoor (ISP Fiber) • Copper Cables • Patch Cords • Fiber Cable Assemblies (Jumpers) • Copper (standard and custom) • Casette/Adapter Panels • Patch Panels (Fiber & Copper) • Cable Management • Termination Items • Cable Labels • Fiber Optic Distribution Units• Indoor Pathway Products • Ladder tray • Basket tray • Cable Tray • Outdoor Pathway Products • Jacks • Copper Connectors• Fiber Connectors • Cable Racks • Cable Organizer • Ladder Racking • Enclosures (Cabinets) • Hand Tools • Labeling • Splice Enclosures (Inside & Outside Plant) • Fiber and Copper Connectivity• Cable Management • Power Distribution Units (PDU) • Test Kits, Equipment and Supplies • Consumables • Splice Sleeves • Fan Out Kits • Ty Straps• Cleaning Materials

    Awarded Contractors: Graybar Electric Company, Inc., Presidio Networked Solutions Group, LLC.

    How to Use This Contract:
    Category 2:
    1. View the pricing and ordering page under Current Documents.
    2. If needed, view the contract for each vendor in the “Current Documents” dropdown menu below.

    Note on Vaccination Requirement: In compliance with Proclamation 21-14.1 – COVID-19 Enterprise Services has identified that this contract includes onsite work as an integral part of the contract scope. DES maintains and publishes a list of Contractors who perform onsite work as an integral part of their scope, including their declaration status in regard to compliance. For more information please refer to our COVID information page.

  • Effective Date: 11-12-2021
    Est. Annual Worth: $3,398,768
    Current Term Ends On: 11-11-2024
    Final Term Ends On: 11-11-2027
    Commodity Code(s): 280-08, 280-16, 280-24, 280-28, 280-29, 280-30, 280-58, 280-62, 280-70, 280-75, 280-80, 280-90, 280-95, 838-26, 838-28, 838-29, 838-33, 838-34, 838-35, 838-39, 838-45, 838-85, 838-96, 914-38, 915-76, 915-79, 915-97, 918-95, 962-18, 992-36, 992-36
    Diversity: 0% WBE 0% MBE
    # of Bids Received:

    Contact Info:
    Team Cypress G
    (360) 407-2218

    Secondary Contact Info:
    Kim Kirkland
    (360) 407-9207

    Who Can Use This Contract?

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    • Paramount Communications Contract
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    • Presidio Networked Solutions Group Cat. 2 Contract
    • Presidio Networked Solutions Group Contract
    • Teknon Inftastructure Services Contract
    • Solicitation Documents and Amendments
    • Cat 1: Services and Installation Specifications
    • Cat 2: FO, CC & RE Specifications
    • Original Solicitation Amendments
    • Cat 1 Bid Tab
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    • 05620 Category 1 Awarded Bids
    • FAQ
    • Resource - Public Works Payment Checklist
    • Resource - Public Works Project Quotation Form
    • Resource- Required Information Checklist
    • Resources-Retainage Release Checklist

    Vendor Vendor # Authorized Fulfillment Partners OMWBE Veteran Small Business Considerations / Preferences
    CANNON CONSTRUCTION, LLC W2027 Executive Order 18-03 Icon
    COCHRAN, INC. w30737 Executive Order 18-03 Icon
    CTS - CABLING & TECHNOLOGY SERVICES w28245 Small Business Contract Executive Order 18-03 Icon
    E-Z INTERFACE W2812 Small Business Contract Executive Order 18-03 Icon
    GRAYBAR ELECTRIC W310 Executive Order 18-03 Icon
    INTEGRITY NETWORKS, INC w12135 Veteran Owned Business Contract Executive Order 18-03 Icon
    INTERWEST TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS, INC w7483 Small Business Contract Executive Order 18-03 Icon
    INTERWEST TELECOM SERVICES CORPORATION w17510 Small Business Contract Executive Order 18-03 Icon
    INTRACOMMUNICATION NETWORK SYSTEMS INC. w1165 Small Business Contract Executive Order 18-03 Icon
    LEVERAGE INFORMATION SYSTEMS, INC. w14928 Executive Order 18-03 Icon
    LOVOLT COMMUNICATIONS, INC. w59053 Veteran Owned Business Contract Small Business Contract Executive Order 18-03 Icon
    MILNE ELECTRIC, INC. w36649 Executive Order 18-03 Icon
    PARAMOUNT COMMUNICATIONS, INC w7472 Small Business Contract Executive Order 18-03 Icon
    POWERCOM, INC. w39276 Executive Order 18-03 Icon
    PRESIDIO NETWORKED SOLUTIONS GROUP, LLC w10872 Executive Order 18-03 Icon
    TEKNON INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES, LLC W28319 Executive Order 18-03 Icon
    THE INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGIES GROUP INC. w19365 Small Business Contract Executive Order 18-03 Icon

    • M = OMWBE Certified Minority Owned |
    • W = OMWBE Certified Women Owned |
    • MW = OMWBE Certified Minority Women Owned

    Veteran Owned Contract Icon = Veteran Owned
    Small Business Contract Icon = Small Business
    * = Newly Added Icon.

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