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Enterprise Content Management

Contract #: 07814

Contract Scope This Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Contract provides Purchasers with multiple options for ECM products and services based on the complexity of each Purchaser’s needs and budget. The ECM solutions offer reliable, scalable, and easily administered methods to capture, store, retrieve, and archive unstructured data.
Awarded Contractors have the capability, versatility and capacity to address all image, content, business process management, and records management requirements in an enterprise environment and ECM enabling line of business applications through an Applications Program Interface (API).

How to Use this Contract
1. Review the Contractor Information section below to find pricing, services, and information for each Contractor.
2. Contact the sales representatives directly to consult about their services.
3. Reference DES Contract No. 07814 on your Purchase Order (or purchasing vehicle).
4. Consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for common questions on this contract.
5. Contact the Contract Administrator listed below with any further questions.

Awarded Contractors

Courtney Pugh | | (562) 988 1688, x331.
Pricing, see page 128 | Contract

Amy Vernon | | (301) 340 4069.
Pricing, see page 40 | Contract

DES has ensured this procurement meets RCW 39.26, follows State of Washington Current Procurement Policies, follows DES procurement process, and DES has determined that entering into this contract will be in the best interest of the State of Washington.

Effective Date: 10-26-2015
Est. Annual Worth: $0
Current Term Ends On: 10-25-2024
Final Term Ends On: 10-26-2026
Commodity Code(s): 920-02, 209-11, 208-10, 209-12, 920-04, 209-14, 920-15, 918-29, 920-24, 920-22, 209-37, 209-38, 208-37
Diversity: 0% WBE 0% MBE
# of Bids Received:

Contact Info:
Ryan Rensel
(360) 701-4494

Secondary Contact Info:
Kasey Walker
(360) 791-6932

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