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Fuel: Bulk and Keep-Full/Will-Call
This contract contains green-recycled products

Contract #: 00311
Replaces: 07705

This Master Contract is for the on-going replenishment of state's network of gasoline, heating oil, diesel (including biodiesel), and other fuels. Deliveries may be either bulk fuel orders or keep full/will-call with Contractors from each designated region.

Bulk Fuel: orders of 8,000 gallons or more

Keep Full/Will-Call: orders of less than 8,000 gallons

Fuel Pricing Information
Pricing is determined by the OPIS pricing for the delivery location, the Contractor's OPIS multilplier, applicable service and drop fees, and applicable taxes and fees.

OPIS Pricing per region and Contractor (including OPIS pricing multipliers)

Current Fuel Taxes and Fees Information

Awarded Contractors by Region

map of regions on contract

Region Bulk Fuel ContractorKeep Full Contractor
Central Puget Sound (CPS)PetroCardAssociated Petroleum Products Inc.
North Central (NC)Coleman OilColeman Oil
Northeast (NE)R.E. Powell/Seaport PetroleumColeman Oil
North Puget Sound (NPS)Associated Petroleum Products Inc.Associated Petroleum Products Inc.
Peninsula (P)Associated Petroleum Products Inc.Associated Petroleum Products Inc.
South Central (SC)R.E. Powell/Seaport PetroleumR.E. Powell/Seaport Petroleum
Southeast (SE)R.E. Powell/Seaport PetroleumR.E. Powell/Seaport Petroleum
Southwest (SW)Wilcox & FlegelWilcox & Flegel

Associate Petroleum Products Inc.

Contact Information: apppricing@gotoapp.com Phone: 253-627-6179 ext. 4380

Pricing Information: OPIS Pricing and APP fees

Contract and Amendments

Coleman Oil
Contract Information: jim@colemanoil.com

Pricing Information: OPIS Pricing and Coleman Fees

Contract and Amendments

Contact Information: Jason Vassar

Pricing Information: OPIS Pricing and Petrocard Fees

Contract and Amendments

Powell Christensen (dba R.E. Powell/Seaport Petroleum)
Contact Information: Travis Paulson

Pricing Information: OPIS Pricing and Seaport Fees

Contract and Amendments

Wilson Oil (dba Wilcox & Flegel)
Contact Information: aaron@wilcoxandflegel.com

Pricing Information: OPIS Pricing and Wilson Fees

Contract and Amendments

Other Information
Effective 1/1/2018 the Federal Oil Spill Recovery Fee Expires
More information can be found at http://www.opisnet.com/resources/oil-spill-tax.aspx

Petroleum Products Tax Re-imposed- Effective July 1, 2015
The current tax rate for tax is .003 (0.3 percent). Petroleum products include plant condensate, lubricating oil, gasoline, aviation fuel, kerosene, diesel motor fuel, benzol, fuel oil, residual oil, and every other product derived from refining crude oil. Crude oil or liquefiable gases are not “petroleum products.” For further information, see RCW 82.23A.010

Effective August 1, 2015 the Applicable Washington State Fuel Tax will increase $0.07 per gallon invoices will reflect the new tax rate of $0.445. This is in conjunction with the re-imposed Washington Petroleum Products Tax at the rate of 0.3 percent effective July 1st, 2015.

DES MANAGEMENT FEE of 0.25% exists on this contract. All contractors are authorized to reflect the full 0.25% management fee as a separate line item on invoices.

Current Term Start Date: 02-09-2012
Award Date: 04-20-2011
Est. Annual Worth: $92,070,137
Current Term Ends On: 05-20-2021
Final Term Ends On: 05-20-2021
Commodity Code(s): 405-02, 405-03, 405-08, 405-12, 405-14, 405-15
Diversity: 10% WBE 50% MBE
# of Bids Received: 96

Contact Info:
Breann Aggers
(360) 407-9416

Secondary Contact Info:
David Mgebroff
(360) 407-8049

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