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Contract Summary

Commercial Card Services

Contract #: 00719
Replaces: 00612
Contract Type: COOPERATIVE

This is a nationwide contract established through an agreement with NASPO ValuePoint Cooperative Purchasing Program. Washington State is serving as the ‘Lead State’ in conducting the competitive procurement and resulting Master Agreement.

The resulting Master Agreement will be available for use by any NASPO ValuePoint cooperative purchasing member – i.e., any state, the District of Columbia, or territory of the United States. States participate by executing a Participating Addendum (PA). PAs must be executed by the chief procurement official for the applicable State law, and shall not change the terms and conditions set forth in the Master Agreement.

Participating States (state that have executed a PA) will authorize participants (Participating Entities). Participating States may also, allow local governments, political subdivisions, and other authorized entities under the applicable state may be permitted by the chief procurement official to execute a Participating Addendum and also become a Participating Entity.

It was competively bid and awarded to U.S. Bank. The contract covers multiple card types including Purchase Cards, One Cards, Travel Cards, Declining Balance/Managed Spend Cards, Single Use/Virtual Cards, and ePayables.

This contract includes Rebate Program including a Volume Incentive, a Prompt Payment Incentive, and a National Annual Volume Incentive as described in Exhibit B of the NASPO ValuePoint Master Agreement.

Washington organizations interested in participating in the new Commerical Card Services (PCard) contract can find participation requirements and rebate information at the DES PCard Website

IMPORTANT NOTE: All participatnts in the new contract must complete a Card User Agreement and Know Your Customer document for their organization. More information can be found at the DES PCard webpage.

How to use this contract:

1. Review the Contractor section below to find pricing, product offerings, and information for each Contractor.
2. Contact the sales representatives directly to consult about their products and services.
3. Reference State Contract No. 00719 on your Purchase Order.
4. Contact the Contract Administrator listed below with any further questions.

U.S. Bank:
Contact Information: Monica Lockett, 480-714-6274
NASPO Master Agreement and Lead State Updates
Master Agreement

Browse for more in-depth product information on the NASPO website.

NASPO ValuePoint Disclaimer: This contract is operated in partnership with NASPO ValuePoint, which is approved by the State of Washington to host contract information and documents. Some links will redirect to the NASPO ValuePoint site. For more information on the NASPO-State of Washington relationship contact the contract manager.

DES has ensured this procurement meets RCW 39.26, follows State of Washington Current Procurement Policies, follows DES procurement process, and DES has determined that entering into this contract will be in the best interest of the State of Washington.

Effective Date: 01-01-2021
Est. Annual Worth: $140,089,687
Current Term Ends On: 12-31-2025
Final Term Ends On: 12-31-2027
Commodity Code(s): 946-25, 946-35, 946-70
Diversity: 0% WBE 0% MBE
# of Bids Received: 1

Contact Info:
Julie Aalberg
(360) 407-9219

Secondary Contact Info:
Kasey Walker
(306) 407-2218

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  • Washington Participating Addendum
  • Card User Agreement_1-7-21
  • Master Agreement (Amended and Restated)
  • Original Solicitation Documents
  • Bid Tab
  • Master Agreement (Original)
  • NASPO Executive Award Summary

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