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Contract Summary

Lamps, Ballasts, Retrofit Kits and Lamp Recycling Containers

Contract #: 03020
Replaces: 07510

Contract Description/Scope
This Master Contract provides for the purchase of Lamps, Ballasts, Retrofit Kits and Lamp Recycling Containers.

  • Environmental Restrictions apply to lamps that can be sold off this contract. For example, one of the major environmental restrictions is that only Sodium High Pressure bulbs over 320 watts may be sold on this contract. Any product that does not meet these Environmental Restrictions must be purchased off contract using their own Purchasing Authority.
    Please refer to the document WASHINGTON GREEN BUYING GUIDE - LIGHTING.
  • This contract also does not include lighting fixtures, for lighting fixtures, please see the Electrical Supplies contract.

    Award Categories and Approved Contractors

    This contract awarded products, by manfuacturer, to specific vendors. Those awards are detailed below:

    Pacific Lamp & Supply Company:
  • Sylvania: Lamps, Ballasts & Retrofit Kits
  • Philips/Advance: Lamps, Ballasts & Retrofit Kits
  • General Electric: Lamps & Ballasts
  • Keystone: Lamps, Ballasts & Retrofit Kits
  • SATCO: Lamps & Retrofit Kits
  • Veolia: Lamp Recycling Containers

  • Consolidated Electrical Distributors (CED):
  • Halco: Lamps, Ballasts & Retrofit Kits
  • Universal: Ballasts
  • RAB: Lamps & Retrofit Kits
  • Cooper Lighting: Retrofit Kits
  • Waste Management: Lamp Recycling Containers

  • Rexel (d.b.a. Platt Electric Supply):
  • TCP: Lamps
  • Green Creative: Lamps & Retrofit Kits
  • Light Efficient Design: Lamps & Retrofit Kits
  • Litetronics: Retrofit Kits

  • Lekson:
  • Lanxi Lele: Lamps
  • Ark Lighting: Lamps

  • North Coast Electric:
  • PQL: Lamps & Ballasts

  • How to Use this Contract

    1. Review the Contractor section below to find pricing, product offerings, and information for each Contractor.
    2. Contact the sales representatives directly to consult about their products and services.
    3. Reference DES Contract No. 03020 on your Purchase Order.
    4. Contact the Contract Administrator listed below with any further questions.

    Pacific Lamp & Supply Company
    Small Business
    Contact Information: orders@pacificlamp.com Phone: O: 206-767-5334, C: 206-409-6249
    Pricing list can be found at: Pacific Lamp WA.

    Consolidated Electrical Distributors (CED)
    Contact Information: Jim O’Rourke jim.orourke@ced.com Phone: 206-491-2520
    Pricing list can be found at: Consolidated Electrical Distributors (CED) State Contract Pricing.

    Rexel dba Platt Electric Supply
    Contact Information: Jeremy Dafoe Jeremy.dafoe@platt.com Phone: O: 360-493-8480, C: 360-878-1858
    Pricing lists:
  • TCP: Lamps.
  • Green Creative: Lamps & Retrofit Kits.
  • Light Efficient Design: Lamps & Retrofit Kits.
  • Lifetronics: Retrofit Kits.

    Contact Information: Martin Choi martin@leksoninc.com Phone: 949-488-7772
    Pricing list can be found at: Lekson Pricing.

    North Coast Electric
    Contact Information: Ben Weller ben.weller@northcoast.com Phone: (503) 833-2079
    Pricing list can be found at: North Coast Electric Pricing.

    DES has ensured this procurement meets RCW 39.26, follows State of Washington Current Procurement Policies, follows DES procurement process, and DES has determined that entering into this master contract will be in the best interest of the State of Washington.

  • Effective Date: 02-01-2021
    Est. Annual Worth: $2,000,000
    Current Term Ends On: 01-31-2027
    Final Term Ends On: 01-31-2027
    Commodity Code(s): 285-50, 285-06, 285-55, 285-56, 559-55, 578-64
    Diversity: 0% WBE 0% MBE
    # of Bids Received:

    Contact Info:
    Polina Boyle
    (360) 407-9339

    Secondary Contact Info:
    Marilyn First
    (360) 407-9341

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    Vendor Vendor # Authorized Fulfillment Partners OMWBE Veteran Small Business Considerations / Preferences
    LEKSON INC. W47900
    PACIFIC LAMP & SUPPLY CO. w3202 Small Business Contract
    REXEL INC W10347

    • M = OMWBE Certified Minority Owned |
    • W = OMWBE Certified Women Owned |
    • MW = OMWBE Certified Minority Women Owned

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    Small Business Contract Icon = Small Business
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