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Translation Services - Written Word

Contract #: 04218
Replaces: 04312

Contract Scope This Statewide Contract is for translating written words or text from one language or another. The translation must be conceptually, linguistically, and culturally accurate.

This Statewide Contract is constructed with six (6) categories:
   Category 1 – Forms
   Category 2 – Publications
   Category 3 – Auto Generated Text
   Category 4 – General Information Documents
   Category 5 – Client Specific or Locally Generated Documents
   Category 6 – Translations for Emergency and Urgent Situations

Only Principle Languages were awarded under this contract:
The listed languages below are considered Washington States’ Principle Languages. Contractor(s) have agreed to provide translation services for the listed languages for the category they have been awarded. Principle Languages are the most frequently requested languages at the time of award.

Categories 1 - 4: Amharic, Arabic, Burmese, Cambodian (Khmer), Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Farsi (Persian), Korean, Lao, Punjabi, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Tigrigna, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

Categories 5 - 6: Amharic, Spanish, Arabic, Swahili, Burmese, Tagalog, Cambodian (Khmer), Tigrigna, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Trukese, Farsi, Ukrainian, French, Urdu, Karen, Vietnamese, Korean, Laotian, Marshallese, Nepali, Oromo, Pashto, Punjabi, Russian, Somali

This contract is part of the Language Access Program. Information about the services we offer under the suite of Language Access Program Statewide Contracts can be found on the DES website under Language Access Contracts and the Language Access Guide.

How to Use this Contract
   1. Review the Contractor Information section below to find pricing, product offerings, and information for each Contractor.
   2. Purchasers can select from any of the listed Contractors under each category awarded.
   3. Once purchasers have selected a category, review the principal languages within that category.
   4. Contractors may not provide services outside of the scope of their respective category award.
   5. The Pricing & Ordering instructions will include the contractor's name, price, and contractor contact information.
   6. When setting up an account with the contractor, placing an order or doing other business under this contract, reference the DES contract unique identifier number.
   7. Contact the contractor sales representatives directly to consult about their products and/or services, quotes, place orders, information is listed in the section below.
   8. Payment for Sign Language Interpreters are paid for by the Purchaser’s fiscal department.
   9. Contact the Contract Administrator listed below with any further questions.

View the Ordering & Pricing Instructions for this contract and learn more about available services.

NEW TRAINING VIDEOS for the Language Access program are now live on the Language Access webpage. The “Language Access Statewide Contracts Training” modules instruct on how to successfully purchase language access services through a DES Statewide Contract and the “Sign Language Interpreter Services” modules instruct on how to utilize sign language interpreter services. Each training video goes over step-by-step processes, a tour of the Contract Summary Pages, what to expect when ordering services, and more. Please feel free to use the survey field to provide feedback on your experience with the training videos.

Awarded Contractors

Lingualinx Language Solutions, Inc.
Categories: 1, 2, 4
Areji Kinsler | | (518) 388-9000
Pricing | Contract | Amendment

Northwest Interpreters, Inc.
Category: 6
Vic Marcus | | (360) 566-0492 ext.305
Pricing | Contract | Amendment

Dynamic Language Center
Categories: 2, 3, 4, 5
Jason Selden | | (206) 493-1613
Pricing | Contract | Amendment

Avantpage, Inc.
Categories: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Luis Miguel | | (530) 750-2040 ext. 91
Pricing | Contract | Amendment

Corporate Translation Services, LLC dba Language Link
Category: 6
Daniel Nelson | | (360) 433-0440
Pricing | Contract | Amendment

Jrivera Associates, Inc.
Categories: 1, 3, 6
Jose Rivera | | (209) 405-0951
Pricing | Contract | Amendment

Ad-Astra, Inc.
Category: 5
Jean-Paul Borja | | (301) 408-4242 ext. 141
Pricing | Contract | Amendment

Prisma International, Inc.
Categories: All (1-6)
James Romano | | (612) 349-3111
Pricing | Contract | Amendment

Attend Our Language Access Purchaser Meetings Purchasers who use these contracts are invited to attend a virtual meeting the last Wednesday of every month where you can ask questions, connect with other purchasers, and discuss your needs around these contracts. To request access to meetings, please contact the Language Access Program Team.

If you need a sign language interpreter, spoken language interpreter, or captioning services for the Language Access Purchaser Meetings, please contact the Language Access Program Team in advance to properly coordinate on your behalf.

DES has ensured this procurement meets RCW 39.26, follows current State of Washington Procurement Policies, follows DES procurement process, and DES has determined that entering into this contract will be in the best interest of the State of Washington.

Effective Date: 07-10-2019
Est. Annual Worth: $3,400,000
Current Term Ends On: 07-31-2025
Final Term Ends On: 07-31-2025
Commodity Code(s): 961-17, 961-46, 961-75
Diversity: 0% WBE 0% MBE
# of Bids Received: 22

Contact Info:
DES Language Access Program
(360) 490-8570

Secondary Contact Info:
Team Apple
(360) 407-8033

Who Can Use This Contract?

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  • Language Link Pricing Sheet
  • Lingualinx Pricing Sheet
  • Northwest Pricing Sheet
  • Pricing & Ordering
  • Prisma Pricing Sheet
  • Ad-Astra Amendments
  • Ad-Astra Contract
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  • Avantpage Contract
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  • Dynamic Contract
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  • JRivera Contract
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  • FAQ
  • DES Language Access Guide

Vendor Vendor # OMWBE Small Business Veteran Considerations / Preferences Award Type
DYNAMIC LANGUAGE CENTER W353 Small Business Contract Reserved
JRIVERA ASSOCIATES, INC. w51391 Small Business Contract Reserved
NORTHWEST INTERPRETERS, INC. W152 Small Business Contract Reserved
AD ASTRA, INC. w67705 Reserved
AVANTPAGE INC w4036 M Small Business Contract Reserved

  • M = OMWBE Certified Minority Owned |
  • W = OMWBE Certified Women Owned |
  • MW = OMWBE Certified Minority Women Owned

Veteran Owned Contract Icon = Veteran Owned
Small Business Contract Icon = Small Business
* = Newly Added Icon.

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