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Janitorial Services
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Contract #: 05919
Replaces: 00508

DES is developing a new solicitation for janitorial service: This contract is set to expire on March 11, 2024 and Enterprise Services is developing a new solicitation to replace this contract. For information and updates on the new solicitation development please see contract 24723. If you have any questions or are a Purchaser and would like to participate in the solicitation development process, please contact the Contract Specialist in the contract information section below.

Contract Scope
This Contract is for the purchasing of Janitorial Services. Awarded vendors on contract shall provide all labor, equipment/tools, and janitorial supplies necessary to perform the janitorial services for eligible purchasers. Eligible purchasers include but are not limited to WA State agencies, higher education institutions and political sub-divisions.

This contract has been divided into three separately awarded categories:
  • Category 1: General Cleaning Services
  • Category 2: Floor Cleaning Services
  • Category 3: Window Washing Services

    In furtherance of Prevailing Wage compliance, this contract has been awarded separately by counties. Please consult the chart below to see which vendors are awarded in your area: Pricing & Service Information

    Restrictions: This contract awarded points to Washington Small or Veteran businesses, with a location requirement. As such, those Contractors may not be available for the use of federal funds.

    How to Use this Contract

    1. Utilize the Pricing & Service Information to see the awarded vendors in your county, the awarded percent mark-up rates, as well as which category of services each vendor offers.

    2. Select a Vendor:
  • If there are more than (3) awarded vendors in your county, purchasers must invite at least (3) of the vendors by phone or email to the work opportunity.
  • Purchasers must invite the top ranked vendor of each category.
  • Purchasers must also invite (1) small/diverse business to the work opportunity (if available in your county). Contractor Contacts section below will identify business that are “small/diverse business”.

    3. Contract pricing is determined by vendor’s “percentage mark-up rates”. The Contractors “percentage mark-up rates” are based off WA L&I prevailing wage rates per county, and will be used to determine Contractor's hourly rate.
  • For example, if a vendor is performing work in a county that has a prevailing wage rate of $13.50 and the desired Contractor has a “percentage markup rate” of 85%, the vendor’s maximum hourly rate will be $24.98 or [($13.50 × 0.85) + $13.50].
  • Contractors cannot exceed the rates displayed in the document. However, vendors may offer lower “percentage mark-up rates” than the rates displayed in the document.

    4. Purchasers may utilize the Work Order Form to prepare their scope of janitorial work to be performed at their location(s).
    5. Reference DES Contract No. 05919 on your Purchase Order.
    6. Consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for common questions on this contract.
    7. Contact the Contract Administrator listed below with any further questions.

    Awarded Contractors

    A-1 Performance, Inc.
    Washington Small Business/OMWBE-Certified

    Contact Information: Doug Fraley, Email:, Phone: (360) 538-0501
    Pricing & Service Information

    ABM Industry Group, LLC.
    Contact Information: Karl Bowen , Email:, Phone: (509) 535-2022
    Pricing & Service Information

    Bryant Cleaning Services, Inc.
    Washington Small Business

    Contact Information: Susan Bryant, Email:, Phone: (206) 772-8353
    Pricing & Service Information

    Coastal Business Services Group, Inc.
    Washington Small Business

    Contact Information: Chris Cherret, Email:, Phone: (360) 943-6060 Ext. 6
    Pricing & Service Information

    Home Care Masters
    Washington Small Business

    Contact Information: Mulenga Makungu, Email:, Phone: (206) 457-6024
    Pricing & Service Information

    Washington Small Business, OMWBE-Certified

    Contact Information: Jaz Singh, Email:, Phone: (206) 981-8141
    Pricing & Service Information

    SMS Cleaning, Inc.
    Washington Small Business, OMWBE-Certified

    Contact Information: Kyong Hoon, Email:, Phone: (206) 529-7076
    Pricing & Service Information

    Township United Building Services, LLC.
    Contact Information: Matt Beilstein, Email: , Phone: (503) 292-8391, Ext. 4
    Pricing & Service Information

    DES has ensured this procurement meets RCW 39.26, follows State of Washington Current Procurement Policies, follows DES procurement process, and DES has determined that entering into this master contract will be in the best interest of the State of Washington

  • Effective Date: 03-10-2021
    Est. Annual Worth: $1,900,000
    Current Term Ends On: 03-11-2024
    Final Term Ends On: 03-11-2024
    Commodity Code(s): 952-56, 962-21, 910-09, 910-39, 910-81, 914-28, 910-03, 909-75, 958-57, 958-63, 958-15, 958-96, 910-30, 910-36, 910-37, 910-38, 365-15
    Diversity: 0% WBE 0% MBE
    # of Bids Received:

    Contact Info:
    Kevin McMicheal
    (360) 407-7914

    Secondary Contact Info:
    Jaime Bacon
    (360) 407-8456

    Who Can Use This Contract?
    >>>> Vendor and Contract Performance Feedback Form
    >>>> Please send an email request to the Contract Manager for copies of any submitted feedback

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