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IT Development
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Contract #: 16322
Replaces: 08215

Competitive Solicitation 16322 for the Information Technology IT Development (ITPS) program has been posted to WEBS. Categories included in the solicitation are:

-- Web Developer
-- Application Developer
-- Software Tester
-- IT Architect 

To view the solicitation, log in to WEBS and search for Solicitation 16322

IT Development 16322 ASB was announced on April 4, 2024
The state has completed its evaluation of offers received and has determined that the below-named vendors are responsive in accordance with the requirements of the solicitation. They have been identified as the Apparent Successful Bidders (ASB).

Treinen Associates, Inc.
22nd Century Technologies, Inc.
Project Corps LLC
Cayzen Corporation
Environmental Science Associates (ESA)
Ranger Information Technology Specialists
Durkin Consulting, Inc.
Sal Militello Inc
eSystems, Inc.
DatamanUSA, llc
Artesia Systems Group, Inc
Smart IMS
XeroOne Systems LLC
Resource Data, Inc.
Pro Innovation Inc
Catalyst Consulting Group, Inc.
Sophus IT Solutions
Elyon Enterprise Strategies, Inc.
V3iT Consulting, Inc.
Adekoya Business Consulting LLC
Flairsoft Limited
Integrated Solutions Group, LLC
Cloud Consulting Services Inc
Guidacent, Inc.
Crema Development LLC
R3 Uniq Inc
Blueberry Technologies LLC
Artic Consulting, Inc
Swatch Junkie Creative LLC
110 Holdings, LLC
Epic Operations
Zirlen Technologies Inc
Swartek Corporation
Destiny Tech International (DTI)

To ensure sufficient capacity to meet all the state's IT project needs, DES has determined there is a need to award additional bidders, and subcategories to the initial ASB list. This addition is allowed per solicitation section 3.11. If you have any questions, please notify the ITPS team at

Effective Date: 05-01-2024
Est. Annual Worth: $0
Current Term Ends On:
Final Term Ends On:
Commodity Code(s): 920-02, 920-20, 920-24, 920-21, 920-22, 920-23, 920-26, 920-25, 920-27, 920-28, 920-29, 920-03, 920-30, 920-31, 920-32, 920-33, 920-34, 920-35, 920-37, 920-38, 920-39, 920-04, 920-40, 920-42, 920-43, 920-41, 920-44, 920-45, 920-46, 920-48, 920-47, 920-49, 920-50, 920-14, 920-15, 920-16, 920-18, 920-19, 920-17, 915-28, 209-49, 206-54, 962-52, 958-82, 918-90
Diversity: 0% WBE 0% MBE
# of Bids Received:

Contact Info:
Julie Aalberg
(360) 490-1608

Secondary Contact Info:
Katie Berkhoudt
(360) 407-8247

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