Dairy price update

Contract 0216

Current dairy prices, effective: 6/1/2017

ItemDescriptionUnit of Measure U.S. GallonsNorth Central, Eastern Terry's DairySouthwest Liberty Dist.Olympic, Northwest MedosweetSouth Central Darigold
1Milk, Grade A, 1%Bulk (5 Gal.)N/A$14.5786$10.6270N/A
1Milk, Grade A, 1%, with dispenserBulk (5 Gal.)N/A$15.0786$10.6270N/A
2Milk, Grade A, 1%Half Pint$0.1984$0.1900$0.1810N/A
3Chocolate Milk, 2%Bulk (5 Gal.)$16.4731$18.2186N/AN/A
3Chocolate Milk, 2%, with dispenserBulk (5 Gal.)$16.9731$18.7186N/AN/A
4Milk, Grade A, 2%Bulk (5 Gal.)$19.9847$14.8911$12.7140N/A
4Milk, Grade A, 2%, with dispenserBulk (5 Gal.)$17.4847$15.4811$12.7140N/A
5Milk, Grade A, 2%Half Gallon$1.8931$1.7615$1.254N/A
6Milk, Grade A, 2%Half Pint$0.2303$0.2501$0.1880N/A
7Chocolate Milk, Fat-FreeHalf Pint$0.2003$0.2002$0.195N/A
8Milk, Fat-FreeBulk (5 Gal.)$15.8084$13.0628$10.6630N/A
8Milk, Fat-Free, with dispenserBulk (5 Gal.)$16.3084$13.5628$10.6630N/A
9Milk, Non-FatHalf Gallon$1.7665$1.6015$1.0540N/A
10ButtermilkHalf Gallon$2.3273$1.7879$1.1970N/A
11Half and Half CreamPint$1.2468$1.0000$0.9510N/A
12Cottage Cheese, 2% Small Curd5 Lb. Container$6.7755$7.5938$6.3860N/A
13Sour Cream, Real5 Lb. Container$7.0681$7.3412$5.7930N/A
14Cheese, American, sliced, 160 count5 Lb. BagN/AN/AN/AN/A
15Cheese, Swiss, sliced, 160 count5 Lb. BagN/AN/AN/AN/A
16Cheese, Cheddar, mild, shredded5 Lb. BagN/AN/AN/AN/A
17Yogurt, 2%, Various FlavorsHalf PintN/AN/A$0.6080N/A
18Ice Cream, various flavors3 oz. CupsN/AN/A$0.2900N/A
19Sherbet, various flavors3 oz. CupsN/AN/A$0.2900N/A
20Milk, Fat FreeHalf Pint$0.1755$0.1838$0.1630N/A
21Cheese, Mozzarella, shredded5 Lb. BagN/AN/AN/AN/A