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Business Consulting Services
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Contract #: 01620
Replaces: 05914

Contract Scope This Statewide Contract for Business Consulting Services is for eligible purchasers to purchase Organizational Development, Change Management, and Management and Business Analysis Services.

**Please note this procurement and award process used regional preference points and may not be conducive to procedural requirements for federal funding or reimbursement, or the use of other federal grant funds. If you’re using such funding sources, we recommend consulting with your legal council before utilizing this contract. **

Category 1: Organizational Development. is a category devoted to improving the functioning of an organization’s employees, work units, culture, management and business systems, processes, and structure. Bidder agrees to offer all of the disciplines below for this category and as further defined in Purchaser’s scope of work.
Category 2: Change Management. is a systematic approach to dealing with the transition or transformation of an organization's goals, processes or technologies. The purpose of change management is to implement strategies for effecting change, controlling change, and helping people to adapt to change.
Category 3: Management and Business Analysis. is a disciplined approach to identify and define solutions that will maximize the value delivered by an organization to its stakeholders, with an emphasis on financial analysis. The Business Analyst is an agent of change.
For a more detailed descriptions of these categories, see the "Scope Statements" document in the "Current Documents" drop down below.

While all projects tend to include some Information Technology ("IT") elements, if your project or scope statement primarily focuses on IT and/or requires IT professionals/certifications, it is recommended that agencies use the Information Technology Professional Services contract.

If you are looking for training courses only, please contact 'DES Workforce Learning & Performance (WLP) team' for your training needs. DES WLP team provides strategic, and operational support for arranging instructor-led or on-demand training for public service employers.

This contract includes subcontractors/authorized resellers/authorized distributors who are certified as WA State small, OMWBE, or Veteran-owned. Some contractors may have multiple certifications. See the links at the bottom of the page for all subcontractors and their certifications. Note: not all subcontractors/resellers/distributors are certified.

How to Use this Contract
1. Review the Contractor Information section below to find pricing, product offerings, and information for each Contractor.
2. Contact the sales representatives directly to consult about their products and services.
3. Reference DES Contract No. 01620 on your Purchase Order.
4. Please click on the Pricing & Ordering instructions below for awarded categories for each contractor.
5. Contact the Contract Administrator listed below with any further questions.

Awarded Contractors

Click here for pricing and contractor contact information as well as category of service provided.

It is recommended that end users seek 3 quotes from awarded vendors regardless of dollar amount, but since these were competitively bid contracts secondary competitive solicitations are no longer required. Within the scope of these awarded categories, purchasers can seek consulting related to DEI, COVID-19, One Washington, Lean, Customer Surveys, and other similar approaches.

Please consider contacting OMWBE Owned, Veteran Owned or Small Businesses, each Contractor's status is in the contractor information below.

DES has ensured this procurement meets RCW 39.26, follows State of Washington Current Procurement Policies, follows DES procurement process, and DES has determined that entering into this contract will be in the best interest of the State of Washington.

Effective Date: 03-01-2022
Est. Annual Worth: $2,000,000
Current Term Ends On: 02-29-2028
Final Term Ends On: 02-29-2028
Commodity Code(s): 918-20, 918-20, 918-20, 918-20, 918-20, 918-20, 918-20, 918-21, 918-21, 918-21, 918-21, 918-21, 918-21, 918-21, 918-27, 918-27, 918-27, 918-27, 918-27, 918-27, 918-27, 918-75, 918-75, 918-75, 918-75, 918-75, 918-75, 918-75, 918-83, 918-83, 918-83, 918-83, 918-83, 918-83, 918-83, 924-16, 924-16, 924-16, 924-16, 924-16, 924-16, 924-16, 958-16, 958-16, 958-16, 958-16, 958-16, 958-16, 958-16
Diversity: 0% WBE 0% MBE
# of Bids Received:

Contact Info:
Julia Bang
(360) 409-9459

Secondary Contact Info:
Team Apple
(360) 407-8033

Who Can Use This Contract?
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  • Scope Statements
  • 640 ACRES Amendment
  • 640 Acres Contract
  • Accenture Amendment
  • Accenture Contract
  • Adekoya Business Consulting Amendment
  • Adekoya Contract
  • Applied Technical Contract
  • Applied Technical Systems - Amendment
  • Athena Group - Amendment
  • Athena Group Contract
  • Berk Consulting Contract
  • Berry Dunn Contract
  • BerryDunn - Amendment
  • Boston Consulting Contract
  • Boston Consulting Group Inc. - Amendment
  • Clarity Contract
  • Communication Resources NW Amendment
  • Communication Resources NW Contract
  • Contract & Amendments
  • Dataman Contract
  • Deloitte Amendments
  • Deloitte Contract
  • Eagle Hill Consulting LLC - Amendment
  • Eagle Hill Contract
  • First Rule Contract
  • FirstRule Group - Amendment
  • Gartner - Amendment
  • Gartner Contract
  • Guidacent - Amendment
  • Guidacent Contract
  • Halcyon Contract
  • Integrated Solutions Group Amendments
  • Integris Contract
  • Integris Performance Advisors - Amendment
  • ISG Contract
  • Kauffman and Associates Inc - Amendment
  • Kauffman Contract
  • KB Associates Amendments
  • KB Associates Contract
  • Kone Consulting, LLC Amendment
  • Kone Contract
  • LaSai - Amendment
  • LaSai Contract
  • Leneker Team Contract
  • Leneker Team LLC - Amendment
  • Liberum - Amendment
  • Liberum Contract
  • Logic 2020 Contract
  • MC2 Consulting Contract
  • McKinsey - Amendment
  • McKinsey Contract
  • OTB Contract
  • Project Corps Contract
  • ProjectCorps - Amendment
  • Public Consulting Group Contract
  • Sia Partners Contract
  • Sia Partners US Amendment
  • Stellar Amendments
  • Stellar Contract
  • Taskout - Amendment
  • Taskout Contract
  • Treinen Amendments
  • Treinen Contract
  • Halcyon - Amendment
  • Original Solicitation Documents
  • Original Solicitation Amendments
  • Bid Tab
  • 640 Acres Winning Bid
  • Accenture Winning Bid
  • Adekoya Winning Bid
  • Applied Tech Winning Bid
  • Athena Group Winning Bid
  • Berk Consulting Winning Bid
  • Berry Dunn Winning Bid
  • Boston Consulting Winning Bid
  • Clarity Consulting Winning Bid
  • Communication Resources NW Winning Bid
  • Dataman USA Winning Bid
  • Deloitte Winning Bid
  • Eagle Hill Consulting Winning Bid
  • First Rule Group Winning Bid
  • Gartner Consulting Winning Bid
  • Guidacent Winning Bid
  • Halcyon NW Winning Bid
  • Integrated Solutions Winning Bid
  • Integris Performance Winning Bid
  • Kauffman & Assoc Winning Bid
  • KB & A Winning Bid
  • Kone Consulting Winning Bid
  • LaSai Technologies Winning Bid
  • Leneker Team Winning Bid
  • Liberum Winning Bid
  • Logic 20/20 Winning Bid
  • MC2 Consulting Winning Bid
  • McKinsey & Co Winning Bid
  • OTB Solutions Winning Bid
  • Project Corps Winning Bid
  • Public Consulting Winning Bid
  • Sia Partners Winning Bid
  • Stellar Assoc Winning Bid
  • Taskout Winning Bid
  • Treinen Winning Bid

This Contract has no Resource Documents

Vendor Vendor # OMWBE Small Business Veteran Considerations / Preferences Award Type
640 ACRES, LLC W75908 Small Business Contract Veteran Owned Business Contract Reserved
APPLIED TECHNICAL SYSTEMS INC. W13055 Small Business Contract Veteran Owned Business Contract Reserved
BERK CONSULTING INC. W3983 Small Business Contract Reserved
GUIDACENT, INC. W54939 Small Business Contract Reserved
INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS GROUP, LLC W53540 Small Business Contract Main
LASAI TECHNOLOGIES, LLC. W77152 Small Business Contract Reserved
LIBERUM W26388 Small Business Contract Main
OTB SOLUTIONS GROUP, LLC W16733 Small Business Contract Reserved
PROJECT CORPS LLC W3395 Small Business Contract Reserved
TASKOUT LLC W84449 Small Business Contract Reserved
TREINEN ASSOCIATES, INC. W2780 Small Business Contract Reserved
VIVID COMPANY W25671 Small Business Contract Main & Reserved
LOGIC20/20 INC. W14123 Main
ADEKOYA BUSINESS CONSULTING LLC W44969 M Small Business Contract Reserved
DATAMANUSA, LLC W17960 MW Small Business Contract Reserved
KAUFFMAN & ASSOCIATES, INC. W1540 MW Small Business Contract Reserved
MC2 CONSULTING W22825 W Small Business Contract Veteran Owned Business Contract Main
CLARITY CONSULTING PARTNERS, LLC W61534 W Small Business Contract Main & Reserved
COMMUNICATION RESOURCES NORTHWEST L.L.C. W196 W Small Business Contract Reserved
FIRSTRULE GROUP, INC W79055 W Small Business Contract Reserved
HALCYON NORTHWEST, LLC W50277 W Small Business Contract Main
KONÉ CONSULTING, LLC W45601 W Small Business Contract Reserved
STELLAR ASSOCIATES, LLC W53583 W Small Business Contract Main & Reserved
THE ATHENA GROUP, LLC W7984 W Small Business Contract Main & Reserved
THE LENEKER TEAM, LLC w66606 W Small Business Contract Reserved

  • M = OMWBE Certified Minority Owned |
  • W = OMWBE Certified Women Owned |
  • MW = OMWBE Certified Minority Women Owned

Veteran Owned Contract Icon = Veteran Owned
Small Business Contract Icon = Small Business
* = Newly Added Icon.

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