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Spoken Language Interpreter Services - Court Credentialed Interpreter Serv

Contract #: 17622
Replaces: 03514

DES is in the process of recreating the solicitation with several material changes to the scope of work and bidder requirements. This contract is currently out for bid and closes 5/31/2023.

Enterprise Services is currently determining the scope of this new opportunity. We anticipate reducing the scope of this contract to be reduced to focus on Category One "Court Certified & Registered Court Interpreters". Categories Two and Three are currently overlapping with DES master contract 02819 and 09821. Enterprise Services will be confirming this scope of work with the customers.

SCOPE OF WORK: Spoken Language Interpreter Services that are delivered through In-Person Interpretation (“IPI”), Over The Phone Interpretation (“OTP”), and via Video-Remote Interpretation (“VRI”) by professional interpreters who are credentialed as certified or registered by the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (collectively “Court Credentialed Interpreter Services”).

The current scope of work is intended to be constructed with one (1) category:

Category One (1) Court Certified: Interpreter(s) who perform the service must be certified by the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC).

This contract is part of the Language Access Program.

SOLICITATION IS IN DEVELOPMENT. Current information on the solicitation can be found using the Planned Procurement page, which identifies upcoming contracting opportunities.

Effective Date: 07-01-2023
Est. Annual Worth: $400,000
Current Term Ends On:
Final Term Ends On:
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Diversity: 0% WBE 0% MBE
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Contact Info:
Lawrence Lim
(360) 790-9010

Secondary Contact Info:
DES Language Access Program
(360) 490-8570

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